Name of your Company: Petroleum Preservers

Type of Alternative Energy Source Petroleum

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Define Energy

Source Scientifically

Identify if the energy Source is Renewable or

Non-Renewable and Why?

Explain How Your Energy Source is

Used in Today's World.

Explain How your Energy Source will be used in the future.

Ways to conserve

your source of energy

Ways to protect the environment

How would investing

taxpayers' money into

your company benefit Society?


Rohna- Petroleum is a pricey substance, used as a fuel and raw material. It comes from rock, deep in the ground. Petroleum can come in two forms, a liquid or gas.
Petroleum (along with coal and iron are) is a nonrenewable resource, because it cannot replaced and takes thousands to millions years to reform. People are using these resources faster than new ones can be created or formed. It is possible for us to preserve and store most nonrenewable resources, so we can use them in the future.
Petroleum used in many ways, someways are in some plastics, detergent (soap less, for washing dishes and clothes), heating oil, fertilizers and pesticides, makeup, gasoline and fuels (to power cars, machines,planes and more) and etc
Petroleum will still play its large role in lives not too far long in the future. There will be electric cars powered by petroleum near 2025, according to the estimation of some major manufacturers.
A way for use to conserve petroleum is to stop using so much of the products that contain it like; ink, gasoline, wax, and fertilizers and other products.
Petroleum is used in medicines and fibers, and other ways of things used to help the environment. The natural gas makes fertilizers used in agriculture and household items like detergents and soap. The price of this energy source isn't as expensive as others.
Taxpayers' money would benefit my society based on petroleum, by help my group research and discover more ways to conserve it and use it in ways to help the environment.
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Petroleum Jelly Exporter, Petroleum Jelly Supplier
Petroleum Jelly Exporter, Petroleum Jelly Supplier

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