1. Sit Within your Research Project Group (With 1 Computer)

2. Create a "Creative" Company Name (by incorporating the source of energy into the name)

3. Preview Samples of iMovie and Trailers

  • Note differences
  • Note how to include additional text
  • Click on Bottom of Page to get to links from Internet Explorer

4. Databases are found under Project Resources

5. Edit wiki page by typing Edit and Save.

Create Individual Research Page

  1. Go to projects.
  2. Click on your group.
  3. Click on the plus sign (Pages and files on the left)
  4. Name the page your company name (incorporating the source of energy into the name) plus your first name.
  5. Click the drop down box to retrieve the template.
  6. Click create/Save

Samples from Mrs. Pavlock's "Can You Hear Me Now" project


iMovie Project Sample: 6th grade Zebra Mussels